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Current Characters: Saguru Hakuba, Eris, Spain, Prussia, Randy (Ryo) MacLean, Arthur and Kurt Hummel.

Fandom: Love Neko. Extra chapter.

Character Notes:


One day when he was browsing the internet, Toshiaki finds a website that sells the ‘ultimate love machine’ called Mimio, that looks like a sexy girl with cat ears. Toshiaki is more interested in her personality itself, since it’s said to act like a married woman with great cooking skills. He purchases the toy, but instead of receiving a Neko Girl what shows up at his door is a male version of the robot. He doesn’t seems to mind and while he knows his primary function is to provide bedroom service he doesn’t seem interested in that either. Mimio gets frustrated at Toshiaki often and insists  that he should use him properly.

Toshiaki keeps rejecting him, saying that he enjoys his company and is not interested in using him. Mimio’s worries increase, and while he cooks and does chores to make sure Toshiaki is happy he is more and more anxious as time goes by. At some point, and driven by Toshiaki’s constant refusal of touching him as anything more than a friend, he tries to jump out of the window. Toshiaki catches him, and confess that the reason he didn’t want to have sex with Mimio is because he sees him as more than just a tool and he’s in love with him. It turned out that Mimio’s insistence that they had to have sex  was because he is in love with Toshiaki as well, and wanted to show him that and make Toshiaki love him back.


Mimio is sweeter, gentler, and more polite than the first prototype of Love Neko created, Necoco, as he was designed to have the personality of a wife. His personality is presented to the purchaser as being able to change from a refined young person during the day to a wild one at night. That causes him to balance between a really caring boy and someone who wants to make his owner happy by sexing him up.

He might be more obedient and less manipulative than the previous robot but he can also be just as stubborn and quite passive-aggressive. But, unlike Necoco, he never tries to bite Toshiaki or push him to have sex with him so much that his owner has to kick him to make him stop. 

Even if he is a robot, it's shown that he can feel anger, frustration, sadness and love, and probably the rest of the spectrum of emotions like any human being. The Love Nekos are protective of their owner and get jealous if someone else makes advances on them. They often make inappropriate questions to their owners such as what sort of things they like to do in bed and what they use to masturbate. Granted, that causes interesting reactions in said owner, as they probably wouldn't expect such questions from someone so adorable looking.

Mimio cooks, cleans, do all sort of chores and is still ready for any sort of demand Toshiaki can come up with. More than anything he wants to make sure Toshiaki is happy and taken care of.


Mimio is the second prototype of love neko, he hat fangs, cat ears and a long tail. The first Love Neko worked using special batteries located in his foot, but that was changed and Mimio works with run-of-the-mill-batteries.

He is a male prototype of sex toy, so, no matter how cute and moe he looks he is designed to top his owner, and he will do exactly that (a detail that Toshika wasn’t expecting). As it’s shown in a previous story, the Love Nekos don’t seem to feel physical pain (but they suffer emotionally). They can also cry, sleep and bleed.

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